So what does this all cost?

My pricing will vary slightly, but this is where I start:

Headshot session: $99
Senior Portrait Session: $199
Boudoir\Pinup Session: $299
Group Session: $399+
Weddings: $599+

Remember that vary slightly bit? This is where you come in. If this doesn’t fit your budget, then message me directly. Explain the project, let me know your budget. A budget doesn’t have to be strictly cash, it can be barter, and occasionally even free, there just has to be something in it for me. The moral of the story, is make me an offer. I WANT to shoot your project, it just has to make sense for me to do so.


Deposit: Significant prep and planning work is done prior to all sessions. All sessions have a $99 retainer due to reserve the date\time of your shoot. That applies to your balance on the day of your shoot. I will accept one reschedule without additional retainer. Please see cancellation policy below for how to get your deposit back.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits will be returned if you cancel prior to 7 days from your shoot. If you must reschedule, a single reschedule will be allowed, but it must be done 48 hours from your shoot to not lose your deposit.

Group pricing covers 2-3 models. 4+ will be structured at $399+ $99 for each additional model. Additional costs may accumulate should multiple hair and makeup artists be required.

Wedding Pricing: My pricing for weddings is on a case by case basis. I start at $1500. Depending on what you need, size of the event, I may go up, I may go down. I want you to have everything that you want out of your wedding photos, so we will talk about things like albums, wall prints, etc, and I’ll come up with a comprehensive quote, before we reserve your date. Zero surprises, on both sides.

Additional costs:
Additional fees such as hotels or site rentals may occur. These will be discussed in advance as to the budget, and expectations of those costs.

Hourly Fees:
If a project is super complex, detailed, or just plain time consuming, I can certainly bill myself by the hour. My very negotiable target rate is approximately $125/hr. I’m willing to go down in pricing for good causes, non-profit events, and various other reasons. Please feel free to contact me if you have something in mind.