Boudoir, Pinup, Cosplay, and Fashion

Looking to give a sexy gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife? Did you lose a bunch of weight, and consequently want something to commemorate the reach of a goal? Alternately, did you spend a ridiculous number of hours on perfecting your favorite detailed cosplay? In that case, lets do a fun photo session. We can do classic or modern pinup, boudoir, and fashion shoots. Whatever you are looking for to feel playful, beautiful, as well as sexy.

Here is my process:

First, we have a phone, text, or in person “Coffee” meeting to discuss what you’re looking for, if it’s a photo book, physical print, digital files. Then, we’ll talk about wardrobe, hair, makeup, limitations, and expectations for the images that come out of the shoot. That typically leads us into location. I have a studio in my home. I do some of my work there, but depending on what we’re doing, it could be at a hotel, at your house, or at a different indoor or outdoor location, depending on the project. If you want to proceed, we will set a date, time and location, and it’ll be officially reserved when your deposit is made.

In order to make your boudoir session less stressful, I block out 3-4 hours for our shoot. If requested, we start with a revisit of the outfits, and have a glass of wine, beer or cocktail, but the first 90 minutes are for Carissa to do your hair and makeup, and the second 90 minutes are for shooting. I don’t typically specify the number of outfits, or looks that we’ll shoot, typically, 1-3 outfits fits into that amount of time well, and if we pay attention to the layering when building that outfit, we can really make lots of different looks happen.

Approximately one week after the shoot, I’ll send you an email or message containing a link to your gallery. Typically, your gallery is private to you, and is password protected. As for number of images, I typically don’t specify a specific number. The reason being, is that I do not like to focus on a count. Nonetheless, I’ll typically show you somewhere between 15 and 30 shots that are roughly edited to you. You’ll have access to low resolution watermarked images to all of those, but I’m happy to provide high resolution copies to 5 of your favorites, un-watermarked.

I really like physical boudoir prints. They give us something to touch, view, and remember that time when. With this in mind, prints have additional costs.

Standard Print prices are as follows:

8×10 $19.95
16×20 $59.95
20 Page 8×11 Album $59.95

However, when I send you your images digitally, I’ll include a coupon code for 30% off a print order if you order in the next 2 weeks.

I want this to be a memory that you treasure. For this reason, I’m willing to bend over backwards to make sure the memories you have, are wonderful.

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